Emotions in marketing

We’re living in a sociey of hyperchoice. There is so much to choose from and so many attributes that matter that one might ask: How can we still make the difference?

At SusaGroup we believe emotions are (the) key in this. Building on the model of product experience developed at Delft University of Technology (Desmet, 2003) we can draw important conclusions.

Model of product emotions

Enhance your marketing efforts

The basis of emotional experience lies in the natural tendency that people move towards things that are appraised as good (they benefit our personal concerns) and move away from things that are appraised as bad (they do not benefit our personal concerns). In the first case you have positive emotions, in the second you feel negative emotions. Therefore a positive emotion profile or maybe even WOW-effect is important to effectively reach people with your marketing efforts.

Optimising the emotional experience

The model also illustrates that in the case of optimising the emotional experience, it is not possible to directly design the desired emotion. In fact, you can only "design for emotions". It's up to marketing to enhance this. Therefore it is important to take emotions into account as a key performance indicator. Including someone’s concerns is vital for success. Therefore, we strongly believe in value-based segmentation of target groups on top of demographic segmentation.

The good news is, by building on the impact of concerns you can make the difference!

We can quickly assess the emotional performance of your product and marketing using Emozio. Need a more in depth scan? We recommend using PrEmo.

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