Emotions in organisations

Do you want to elevate the dialogue within your organisation to a next level? Emozio can enable you to discussing issues that go beyond practicalities and superficial subjects. For example you can quickly assess how people feel about the strategy, the management team, their work-space, etcetera.
Using an emotion scale has several advantages:

  • less socially desirable answers
  • more abstract and therefore more accessible
  • easier to be honest
  • it’s fun!
  • closer to true feelings, less rationalisation
  • no misinterpretation of words
  • it's fun!

How do these new insights look like?

Often we choose to visualise the data. Not an in depth statistical analysis, but an easy visual representation of the results. It will allow you to quickly start a new dialogue and move on.

Correspondence analysis

Interested in what incorporating emotions and addressing feelings can do for you? Contact Lars Rengersen to discuss the possibilities.

Are you a practitioner of TheoryU by Otto Scharmer? Emozio fits in very well, find out how!