Emozio and TheoryU

For a while now, as a parallel project we are involved in developing TheoryU.nl (in Dutch), a platform to collect and re-distribute cases and instruments around TheoryU. At first we were just enabling the website and did not relate too much with the content of the theory of Otto Scharmer. However while working together with Hein Dijksterhuis on the matter we learned that our emotion theory actually blends in very well with TheoryU.

TheoryU model

Going down in the U is known to be quite difficult. Before letting go there is the sensing phase. This stage is about listening carefully and sense what is going on in the field. Search for energy and new opportunities that are about to emerge in the near future. Now you also want to facilitate people to open their heart, not only their mind.

This is where Emozio fits in very well. Using the cartoon characters expressing all kinds of feelings enables people to express themselves in a safe way.

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