What is it?

Emozio is a scale to measure emotions and assess feelings. It uses cartoon-characters instead of words and has been designed to give you quick and highly valuable insights into people's feelings.

Why work with cartoon-characters?

Why not just ask or using words?
Research has shown that building on cartoon characters strongly increases the reliability of an emotion assessment. We see a couple of reasons:

  • we stay close to the emotion since both visuals and emotions are processed in our right brain
  • it does not become a discussion over words
  • our characters are recognised independent of culture

We deliberately do not explain which emotion is expressed by the characters. This 'non-verbal approach' actually adds reliability to the tests. Sometimes, people are feeling the same emotion, but refer to it differently in words. Furthermore it increases cross-cultural validity.

How does it work?

We have a set of 10 pairs of emotions (positive and negative counterparts) from different domains:

  • basic wellbeing emotions
  • social emotions
  • expectation-based emotions
  • stimulus-relationship emotions
  • external impact emotions
  • ideals emotions
  • environment emotions

People can react to questions by selecting one or more emotions that apply to them. Obviously, asking the right questions is key in getting valuable results. We advise to use a funnel approach by starting with a broad question and narrow it down further. When using Emozio, we will of course assist you in designing and setting up the right experiment.

Easy and online

Emozio is online software provided as a service. You can use our platform to run your study. You can ask people anywhere: at work, in a lab, at home. It's very easy to participate. Our online toolbox also facilitates integration with other (online) research platforms.

Contact Lars Rengersen if you want to get started!